Introduction of Waterproof Poncho

Introduction of Waterproof Poncho-

The waterproof poncho is made of a versatile piece of rain gear, which can provide protection from the elements. Though there are many types of rain gear, the waterproof poncho has been the most popular choice for the consumers. It differs in many different weights and levels of water protection.

The basic difference of waterproof poncho from traditional raincoat reflects in its no sleeves. The poncho enables the consumer to easily slip it over any type of clothing conveniently. Usually there are snaps or closures of some kind under the arm in order to secure the poncho close to the body. As a result they can be fastened during rainy days.

Different types of ponchos are made from different fabrics and their waterproof function differs in a number of ways. Often they are made of nylon or polyethylene, while they can also be made with a heavy, durable canvas type fabric.

Although some waterproof ponchos are made of heavy materials, most of them are light quite easy to store. For instance, some are so thin that they can be folded and stored in a person’s pocket. The only shortcoming of this type of poncho is that it can’t bear the heavy wind and storm, they would be blown around.

If you want to travel with light luggage, this type of water poncho is your perfect choice. It can be used during those normal rainy or snowy days, they are not durable heavy rain storm. A popular distinctive feature of waterproof poncho is the creation of hood, which strengthens additional protection for the consumer’s head as well as keeping the neck area dry and preventing water from rolling down the back. Any type of poncho acts a handy accessory for a person during those days a sunny day turns from a rainy day.

How Camel Hair Made Into Cloth

ow Camel Hair Made Into Cloth

A camel hair coat refers to an outwear garment, which is made from the hair of the double-humped Bactrian camel. The coats are only made from or added wool. Men’s camel hair sport coats and women’s longer coats act as classic fashion looks.

Any type of a camel hair coat looks perfect when matched with jeans or fancy evening clothes. These are also excellent coats suitable for business occasions in casual style. Men can layer a camel hair sport coat over wool trousers to form a classic, polished look. We can see movie star wearing a full length camel hair coat with an elegant silk scarf.

If you want a natural fiber coat for any occasions, a camel hair coat can be your perfect choice. Most of these coats are quite simple and have just slit pockets and buttons from up to down. Several versions are made in belts and some camel hair coats have hidden inside pockets. Their collars are usually notched or rounded, while the sleeves are designed in freedom depending on your preferences.

Camel hair coats are made in neutral-colored in the natural colors of the camels’ hair, ranging from light, reddish-brown to black. Golden tan is the classic color of a camel hair coat, and you can choose accessories to match your skin tone.

Similar to the production of wool from sheep, the camel need not be killed to get its hair. Their hair shed, or molt during spring time. Camel Hair can also be got by shearing it. Once removed or collected, the camel hair becomes separated into coarse and fine varieties and needs to be cleaned before made for cloth.

The softest camel hair locates underbelly area of the camel. The combination of wool and camel hair can produce a much softer cloth than pure camel hair.

Different Types of Anorak

Different Types of Anorak-

An anorak is also named as a parka. Traditional anoraks featured heavy, hip-length with a wide hood. The Inuit peoples of the Arctic created the anorak to withstand wind chill during hunting; the hood and body section of these dresses are often coated with animal fur to keep warm.

Today, many manufacturers produce different types of winter coat and hooded jacket anoraks with a blend of different materials. The pullover jacket type of anorak features an opening for the head, and it may have a snap or button closure at the neck. Down filled ski jacket anoraks are standout for its ability to keep warm.

Different Types of Anorak--

Winter anoraks are typically worn to be paired with snow pants and boots. As most heavy anoraks are hooded, the types without hoods can be matched with a knitted cap and scarf.

A drawstring waist can give an anorak the element of fashion. It’s also accepted by most people as it creates a pulled-in waistline to a bulky jacket.

Anorak styles of raincoats tend to much lighter than the traditional parka type. These lighter water-resistant rain anoraks are made from a variety of fabrics, ranging from plastic to gabardine.

The Development of Penny Loafers in History

The Development of Penny Loafers in History-

Penny loafers refer to those moccasin-styled shoes, which feature a diamond-shaped cutout at the top alongside tassels or other embellishments.

The name of pennies can date back to 1950s when they were often lodged into the cutout as a fashion point. Earlier than penny loafers, regular loafers were first brought from Norway in the 1930s and sold in the US in the brand name “Weeguns.” Even though these shoes were once specialized in men wear, today they produce both men and women styles. The colors are available in brown and black as well as in many colors.

The Development of Penny Loafers in History--

In the US, penny loafers can be seen in certain circles and associated with high-class members in the society, such as lawyers, Wall Street business people, etc. Until late 20th century, saying a person wearing “tasseled loafers” was considered to be an insult and an attack on their social class.

During the 1980s, pop star Michael Jackson was seen to wore penny loafers frequently, which became an iconic part of his signature style along with flashy socks, a black fedora, and a single sequined glove. This type of shoes received a fashion revival in 2009 upon the singer’s death.

The Development of Shoe Polish in History

The Development of Shoe Polish in History

Shoe polish is used to shine and protect leather footwear. Polishing shoes can increase the life span of shoes as well as a more attractive appearance. There are various forms of shoe polish, such as wax, paste, cream, and liquid. The use of shoe polish can date back to centuries before, but the modern version can be seen since the early 1900s.

Early in the 20th century, shoe polish was made of solely natural ingredients, such as tallow and wax, but the ingredients have changed in recent years. Today, wax is still used in some shoe polish, but also various chemicals such as turpentine, naptha, and dye, and natural substances such as lanolin and gum arabic are included in today’s shoe polish.

The Development of Shoe Polish in History----

Shoe polish can be used on leather footwear with a cloth or brush, and then rubbed vigorously to maintain an even coat.

Some manufacturers produce a form of shoe polish soaked into an applicator, which is similar to a wet sponge. Some of these polishes are contained in squeeze bottles with an applicator attached to the end.

The History of Dolman Sleeve

The History of Dolman Sleeve-

The design of a dolman sleeve is narrow at the wrist but wide at the area where the arm attaches to the garment. We often see the design in women’s garments, often on sweaters or dresses. Sleeves in this style are distinctive in its slightly over-sized to stretching all the way down to the waist.

The term ‘dolman’ comes from a Turkish word meaning ‘robe’, which refers to a loose-fitting garment similar to the cassocks commonly worn by Catholic priests. In the 16th century, Europeans copied the design and wore it as a military jacket.

The History of Dolman Sleeve--

Originally dolman sleeves were popular as they were easier to sew than set-in sleeves. We can see this type of sleeve on most modern garments, which is attached by sewing to the body of the clothing.

When you wear a dolman sleeve, the sleeves may create the effect of sloping at the shoulders. This, on the other hand, minimizes the appearance of the waistline.

Shoes & Trips

If you plant to visit theme park like Walt Disney World, it means that you will be doing a lot of walking. And having a pair of good shoes is extreme important when it comes to walking. Consider the following types of shoes when you pack if you want to have your dream trip and avoid blisters.



Any who is fond of wearing sneakers when they head for a park claim that sneakers are dedicated to walking in long distances. Other than make you feel tough and tortured you are used to with other types of shoes, sneakers have the ability to keep your feet comfortable all day long.
But there are still some people said that they feel uncomfortable with sneakers. If you visit during the heat of the summer, the socks wearing with sneakers would make your feet quite sweaty. In addition, if you go on some water rides , you’d better not wear sneakers and turn into other type of shoes of waterproof.



Many people vowed to claim that Crocs are the most appropriate shoes to choose for walking. Plus, they’re also water proof. However, people hold different view about the appearance of Crocs. Many love them very much, while still many others hate the look even they have never worn them. The Crocs develops many styles of shoes to be sold, which tries to get rid of the traditional ones.

Teva Mush Flip Flops


Teva Mush Flip Flops
These flip flops are comfortable in our daily life with a fabric band, which can keep you out of blisters. They are good to wear during hot summer as well as the characteristics of waterproof. In addition, there are a variety of colors of thin kind of shoes thus they look relatively fashionable.
But it’s inappropriate to wear if you are going on any rides where you feet need to dangle down, so it’s easy to lose your shoes if you wear flip flops. Many theme parks with roller coasters don’t allow their tourists to wear flip flops because it’s extreme dangerous concerning your safety.

At last, the most important tip for all of you is to wear your shoes around a bit to test them out before you wear them to a trip. Then you are quite clear whether the shoes are comfortable and right for your feet. A pair of comfortable shoes will make your dream trip come true.

Find a Good Dinning in Walt Disney World


Many first-time visitors to Walt Disney World feel tired about Disney dining such as burgers, hot dogs, and other fast food, but actually that’s not true. Disney has a lot of wonderful and distinctive dining options if you open a world of access to your meals at Walt Disney World. You will find you have been in a trip for cuisine after you come back from travelling.

A seriously–good dining can make your trip wonderful and fulfilling; while a bad dining can break your trip. There are a lot of locations for you to discover, but it’s quite worthwhile for you to do it. We heard that a great number of people have had their opinions of Walt Disney World changed for the better because of discoveries of right places to eat they have discovered.

Once you begin to enjoy all kinds of places to eat, I suggest you adding on the 2014 Disney Dining Plan. It is offered for “free” as a promotion in vacation packages from time to time, and it has been the most popular with Disney visitors since its operation. If you have booked free dining during your visit, I suggest you giving it thinking about it carefully and seriously. If you do book the Disney Dining Plan, make sure you have made Advance Dining Reservations. Some popular restaurants participate in the activity of Advance Dining Reservations in advance, you might not have the chance to use the Dining Plan to its fullest without Advance Dining Reservations. You can have the privilege to order room service, and then you can enjoy the delicious food inside your room in the hotel if you are a little tired and just want to relax. A wonderful appreciation of food can relax your mood and enrich your trip in Walt Disney World.

The Introduction of Sneakers

The Introduction of Sneakers

Sneakers refer to those various athletic shoes with rubber soles. It may not design specifically to certain types of athletic shoes and for some applications. For example, soccer or football shoes might be named as cleats , and some people have made distinctions between sneakers and cross-trainers or running shoes. Others think that most athletic shoes are rubber bottoms sneakers, daps, gym shoes, tennis, sport shoes or some other names.

Everyone seems unclear about how sneakers got their name. As early as they were first mass-marketed in the early 1900s, an advertising agent came up with the common title. The designer called these rubber bottom shoes sneakers as they produced little noise on hard surfaces and a person could approach someone else without producing any noise from his shoes.
It may be difficult to say the real meaning of sneakers because there are a variety of types of the shoes. Kids taking strict gym classes might be required to wear these shoes for school .And there are many daily activities that you have to choose the shoes such as running and jogging, and feature some arch support and cushioning.

Many semi-athletic shoes are designed with little support, so it’s not a good choice to wear them for more than casual walking or daywear. Keds types and brands like Converse? may not be appropriate for extensive activities.

The prices of sneakers are varied. For instance, there are very inexpensive pairs less than $20 US Dollars (USD) as well as some brand names cost more than $100 USD. Usually greater price doesn’t indicate a higher quality athletic shoe. Some shoes are designed for appearance rather than the real comfortable practice for consumers. So a pair of expensive sneakers can’t be your best choice, try to choose the shoes that are affordable for you as well as considering about their comfortable levels.

Introductions of Belts


Belts can add attractions to many different outfits for both men and women. Apart from giving unique style to a look, wearing belts for practicality can keep trousers in place. Belts are especially useful in keeping garments from sliding too low on the hips in the case of low-rise pants. The styles and materials of belts range from casual to dressy.

Introductions of Belts--

A leather belt is classic that will never out of fashion. A buckle belt may be either plain or ornate in style. Most belt buckles are made of metal in the color of silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Elastic cinch belts are made of elasticized fabric, which are usually wide and much likely to feature an elongated type of metal fastener. The self-tie type of belt is found on bathrobes of both men and women. Some women’s blouses are in the style of a self-tie belt at the waist. Chain, hip, and narrow women’s belt styles tend to suit those slimmer body shapes.