Changes on Fashion Rules

There are always rules to follow, but are they all necessary? The answer is no. Let us have a look.

1. White after Labor Day

It is a rule to wear white this time. But do you know why? If… Continue reading

How to Make New Outfits?

As you have many dresses and clothes in last season, you can make use of them to create new outfits for this season. The followings are some ncie tips to try.

1. Belt the dress

If you are not familiar… Continue reading

Tips for Apple-Shaped Figure

Have you ever heard of the apple-shaped figure? It is the one which is wide in middle and small in arms and legs. Then how to dress if you are of this type?

1 You need to make a waist.… Continue reading

Tips on Slit Skirt

Nowadays, the slit dress is becoming more and more popular. But there are some rules to wear it or you will ruin the beauty.

1 You should not reveal too much. Showing is not sexy. A little bit show will… Continue reading

Rule of Dress

There are some rules you should follow when you are wearing dress and clothes. Right now, we are going to introduce some to you.

1 Capri pants. This kind of trousers will stop at the large part of the legs,… Continue reading

How to Look Skinnier?

The way you wear clothes will make a great difference on the outlook. Some clothes will make you look fatter while other will show your figure. So, the key is to find the right clothes to wear.

1 You can… Continue reading

Heart-shaped Accessories for You

The shape and design of the heart is one which attracts a lot of attention. It is usually thought to be the symbol of love. Here we have some nice products that fill this theme. They are all not cheap… Continue reading

Shining Accessories

Girls are all like thing shining and glittering. Those studded accessories are the must for girls. The followings are some of them.

1. The stud cat sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses is not of the modern design. The size is… Continue reading

Hello Kitty Accessories For Girls

Almost all girls like this cute kitty. It is a thing that is famous all over the world. Although some people are not young anymore, when they catch the sight of Hello Kitty, the desire to buy cannot be held.… Continue reading

Beautiful Hair Accessories for Summer

As summer is coming, girls are ready to show their colorful dresses, high heels, glittering accessories. There are various jewelry, hats, handbags and shoes, they will help you have a happy summer. If you like, you can have some hair… Continue reading